Policy Council

Little People’s Head Start Policy Council meets every three months. They meet in January, April, and July.  Meetings are held on the third Thursday at 8:15 a.m. Current members are:

Classroom Representatives
HS1–Little Hoots (Ms. Mikka, Ms. Janelle) Brianna Jenkins
HS2–Busy Bees (Ms. Jessica, Ms. Kirstan, Ms. Heather) Sarah DeCost, Shania Hall
HS3–Dancing Giraffes (Ms. Olivia, Ms. Hannah, Ms. Amber) Angela Mullin, Jessica Dennis
EHS1–Little Ducklings (Ms. Jasmine, Ms. Kim) Jeremiah Baca
EHS2–Snow Buddies (Ms. Esther, Ms. McKenzie)
EHS3–Forrest Friends (Ms. Tammy, Ms. Brittany) Autumn Snow
EHS4–Jungle Cubs (Ms. Alyssa, Ms. Tatum) Kasey Brackbill
EHS5–Barnyard Buddies (Ms. Sammantha, Ms. Kelli) Desire Zayas
Community Representatives Irene Chachas, Betsy Lopez